Customer Testimonials

I was sent to PT pet supply from Gail and Randy at Gail's Grooming. (I hope they could win a gift certificate too!) They are great people and great with Charlie my chocolate lab mix. The staff at PT's were knowlegable and not pushy toward the most expensive brands etc. They explained the different foods available and let me decide based on my preferences. When we got Charlie he looked well fed and nutritionally pretty sound, but I knew that larger dogs are prone to hip problems etc so I wanted natural organic foods with supplements. I found TimberWolf at PT's and Charlie loves it. I didn't think his coat could get softer or shinier, but it did. His energy is fantastic. He got a big thumbs up at his last checkup.His holistic vet said if you can't cook meals from raw foods, then a product like TimberWolf was the next best thing. We love what it does for Charlie!!!

Anne and Dick Durand

Hi, My name is Debby and my dog is Snyder, we have been customers of PT Pet Supply for several years now and I have not been into another pet store since. Snyder has food issues and with help from Yolanda he has put this issue behind him. He now eats Merrick Senior canned food and is loving it. He gets the wheat and corn free treats, and loves the raw bones!! I am absolutely thrilled that I found PT Pet and I know my Snyder is too!

Debby Kasik

We have been a customer of PT Pet Supplies since almost the beginning. I have put my dogs on Canidae and more recently on TimberWolf. I love the fact that we can change flavors for Timberwolf , plus it has berries, nuts and veggies in it. Our cat will only eat Artemis Cat food. He has had it from day one and will starve before he eats anything else. Yolanda can hardly keep it on the shelves and has to call me as soon as it comes in (As I always seem to run out before the next shipment arrives). Dog treats and chews are premium quality. We give our dog the turkey chips or duck chips before bed every night. Pet collars and toys are the best priced with greatest variety of anywhere been. Yolanda has also been wonderful in supplying various natural insect sprays and nutritional boosts. She knows everything!! We love PT Pet supply and encourage anyone we know to go there. All of our pets have become stronger and their fur is amazing. Tics have been a thing of the past as their fur grows in so dense.

Thank you PT Pet Supply!!

Kathy C.

Hi, My experience at PT Pet Supply was great. They were very helpful both times that I have gone to shop there. I buy the huge 20lb bag of rabbit food. Thanks for all of your help.

Stephanie Ulinski

My dog, NOAA, is a 2 year old; 7 pound Yorkshire terrier who has had allergies to most wheat based products, chemicals, by products and traditional medical care since he came to us at 9 weeks old. After 4 months of extensive medical bills and lots of sleepless nights, I went to PT Pet Supply and met Yolanda (as recommended by a friend). Yolanda worked with NOAA and I for a period of time to find not only the perfect veterinarian care that would work best for his needs but foods and treats that he could/ would eat and be able to tolerate. We tried several types of dog food including dry, canned and raw diets. Yolanda was kind enough to let me try samples of different types of food to see what he would actually eat and tolerate well. After a few months of experimenting, we came up with the perfect solution. NOAA has been eating (and truly loves) the Timberwolf brand dog food (hard kibbles) and the Merrick canned foods which by the way, are both recommended by his homeopathic vet. NOAA has become a healthy, happy and energetic little guy who enjoys visiting PT Pet Supply to get all the food and yummies he loves. Some of his favorite treats are the dried cow tails, Happy Hips chicken/sweet potato wraps, Bully sticks, Real Meat Jerky treats and dried Cod Fillets. I recommend PT Pet Supply to all of my friends, customers and anyone that has a pet they love and want to be healthy. They will never be sorry if they go there, the knowledge and true concern of Yolanda and her staff is apparent from the time you walk in the door. And by the way, she has great, all natural supplements and herbal remedies for your pet also.

Thanks Yolanda, the best.

NOAA Perry and His Mom.

I love PT Pet Supply. The indepth knowledge of the products helped me choose the right dog food for our dogs. I am very pleased with the changes in the dogs since we switched to Canidae, chicken and rice. Also, we won a year's supply of dog food from the Canidae scratch ticket inside. We were one of sixty winners through the US and Canada. Each time we visit, the employees are friendly and knowledgeable. It's a pleasure to shop there and know that the employees care about the animals.


Lisa St Cyr

Here's my top 10 reasons why I recommend PT Pet Supply to anyone who will listen!

  • PT Pet Supply carries a wide line of Wellness brand pet food and snacks which my dog must have due to skin allergies. Many other pet shops do not carry this wonderful brand.
  • Yolanda loves the Red Sox and so do we!
  • The service is always friendly and knowledgeable. I have been given spot on recommendations for when I need to buy a gift for a dog or cat who's breed I am unfamiliar with.
  • When I came in to the store once to pick up some items, I heard a CD playing with some 1970's music playing that I liked and the next thing I knew, Yolanda had made me a copy of the CD. Now THAT's what I call going above and beyond to please the customer!
  • I think the pet of the month contest, pictures with Santa, pet parades, etc. are all very cool. :)
  • The location and hours that the store is open is very convenient for me.
  • PT Pet Supply has an extremely good variety of gifts for the holidays as well as books, treats, cards, collars and leashes, supplements and many other items that you would not expect to find in a small town pet store. No need to go to the big box stores for anything!
  • You receive individual attention and made to feel that you and your pet are both special and appreciated. They will even help you out to your car with your purchases if you can't carry it all.
  • Lost/stolen/unwanted/special needs animals are also not forgotten here. Yolanda goes out of her way to network with people to try to place these animals into good homes and do what she can to advertise their plights.
  • I know that people from Worcester and many other surrounding towns go out of their way to come do business at PT Pet Supply because they are the best at what they do. Period
Vicky Barter, North Oxford

Hi! We've been using Canidae pet food for our 4 month old Golden. He loves it!! He also loves the Bully sticks we buy constantly at the store!!

Thanks, Deb F.

We have had great experiences at PT Pet supply: the service is great & they are one of the only stores in the area that carry the Wellness brand dog food that we feed our dogs. It is hard to find such quality, all natural food and we were happy to find it at PT. We also like that there are many other options for healthy treats for our dogs and we when we had guinea pigs we also purchased sweet meadow hay at PT for them. PT is not your average pet store: they carry top quality brands at good prices & clearly carefully select the pet products that they sell. We will continue to be PT shoppers as long as we have pets which for us will be the rest of our lives!

Laura and Eric Kenney

I am writing this note to express my most sincere thanks for the OUTSTANDING service our family receives from Yolanda at PT PET SUPPLY.Yolanda is very kind, personable and knowledgeable with regards to all aspects of pet care. Her store and her site provides a wealth of knowledge for the pet owner. She treats each customer with care and concern, and treats you as though you were the only customer in her store.She is very response to customer requests and she gets back to you promptly.She has gone out of her way many times for us , ordering supplies, etc.

You will never ever ever be sorry if you switch to PT PET SUPPLY for your beloved pets needs.

Most Sincerely, 

Andrea Loconto ( proud mom of Mason and Grace).